About New Vibe

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A few words from Jessica, New Vibe Founder & Director:

If you have always been drawn to singing and music, and have goals that you want to achieve so badly you lay awake at night thinking how to make your dream come true, there’s only one thing to do: follow that dream and make it happen. At New Vibe Studios the whole team, including myself, are committed to supporting you every step of the way; because we care and because we love what we do, we will support you with the honesty, respect and passion that you deserve. Following your dream may not be easy, but with the right mental attitude, the proper tools and first-class training, you can do it. In life we tend to regret not what we’ve done, but what we haven’t done. I chose to follow my dream and now I want to help others do the same.

New Vibe Studios building: The building has a friendly and creative atmosphere, just the right environment for you to begin achieving your goals. It is a detached building, more than 2000 square foot, with three recording studios, a fully mirrored dance studio that has a professional music system installed. There is also a reception and chill-out area, a modern kitchen and toilet facilities. All rooms are modern, light and clean with individual climate control.

New Vibe History: New Vibe Studios was founded by Jessica Clemens, who trained as a professional singer and has performed at over 650 live shows across the UK. In 2005 she opened Knights Entertainments Agency, with more than thirty acts on its books and, in 2008, created Urban Voice Music, a coaching and recording business with a unique angle that filled a gap in the industry that traditional singing schools couldn’t. The magic ingredients Jessica added were passion, fun and working with the whole person on a physical and psychological level. This made sessions unique to each individual person, their needs and goals.

Seeing a gap in the market and expanding the business from Urban Voice to New Vibe Studios was a natural progression and it answers the demand for something exciting, fresh and contemporary: a whole new vibe, in fact! New Vibe Studios inspires every person who walks through its door.

Jessica runs the Studio with passion and commitment and has a very hands-on approach to coaching – and to all the projects she works on. Other professionals who are involved in the services at New Vibe Studios have been chosen for their skill, personality, vision and reputation in the industry.