Artiste development

pop star training artiste development

At New Vibe Studios we provide artiste development programmes. These are for singers who want to take their art to the next level; they will usually be advanced to semi-professional and professional singers. 

Please note that we are very serious about the artistes we develop, unlike some companies that will take on anyone simply for the monthly payments, we do not accept people who we do not feel can reach the goals that they have in mind; we believe it would be unethical to do so.  It is also very important that when developing an artiste, that we fully believe in them. It is for this reason that we have an initial consultation and vocal assessment for all who wish to enter into the bespoke, personalised artiste development program at New Vibe Studios.

Our program includes in-depth vocal training as well as the development of the artiste as a whole, in terms of vocal and song style, image, branding, USP (Unique Selling Point), career planning and success coaching, album recording and much more. 

The support and service we offer for our artiste development clients is outstanding. We are excited and inspired in guiding people on this special journey and we are both passionate and honest in doing what we are best at.

The key to unlocking your full potential is to believe in yourself - and at New Vibe Studios, above all, that is what we teach you.

Programs start from £90 per week.