Full info for singing lessons


About singing lessons: At New Vibe our coaches have a strong emotional connection with singing and music. We teach the techniques you need in a creative and inspiring environment. Remember to sing means to touch people and you can only truly do this by performing from the heart. We work with all levels such as professional singers who want to take their voice and career to a new level; as well as semi professional singers, hobby singers and total beginners. If you love to sing we are here to provide honest feedback and help you achieve your full potential.

Coaches: Our vocal coaches are professionals in the music world with many years of experience not only in vocal coaching but also performing live and recording within a studio environment. At New Vibe Studios, when you come along for a singing lesson, we don’t just aim to improve your voice, we help you grow as a singer, as a person. We focus on the development of individual talent and the exploration of potential. This is what makes training at New Vibe unique. We design sessions based on your needs and goals, helping you to reach your full potential.

Techniques: Over the years several popular vocal coaching techniques have emerged: Estill voice training for example, SLS training and others. Some of these techniques constituted a revolutionary breakthrough in our understanding of the human voice. Combined with modern medical technology we have, over the last twenty years, gone further than ever in exploring the development of the voice. This has enabled professionals to create effective and healthy techniques. Sadly, some coaches still rely on gimmicks which can potentially damage the voice, giving no proper education or practical advice on working with all elements of the vocal mechanism: diaphragm, larynx, vocal chords and so on, which makes correct, quality singing possible.

Personalised training: The central and most important element is of course... you! Some coaches seem to forget that. Your personality, life experience and mindset can each affect your ability to reach your full potential either positively or negatively. This is why we work with the whole person, incorporating technical voice training with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), performance training and song recording, so that you get a complete programme designed specifically for you. Below are the profiles of our main vocal coaches and, after those, you will find everything that we cover and work on, as well as the fees involved. For testimonials and demos from real clients click here

Performance Days: We also hold regular performance evenings, which are fun for both clients, and their friends & families. This helps sets goals and provides experience in performing live, whilst growing the New Vibe community and of course it’s a great socialising evening with like-minded people. For Singers looking to get on the gig circuit we also have live gig venues where you can perform.

Recording studio: When training at New Vibe you have access to our professional recording studio, allowing you to record originals or cover songs as you develop, this helps you monitor your progress and allows you to share your talent with your friends and family.