Demo Recording

Demo recording, music production, recording coachingProfessional recordings: Our studio at New Vibe is an inspiring and fun place to record your song and you will enjoy an excellent service. We record all types of singers, vocal groups and guitarists. Everyone leaves with a smile and we really enjoy the wonderful feedback we receive on a frequent basis!  £40 per hour

Vocal Booth, recording studio, sound booth, mic, acoustic foam, studio 2Backing Tracks: If you are recording a cover song, the backing track is included in your price. Choose from thousands of backing tracks stored in our sound library; you can also bring your own cover or original.  Free (not liscenced for sale)

Mic, recording studio and demo recording, recording partiesMusic Production: We have talented producers for a wide range of Genre's that can write and record an original instrumental for you. As well as co-write lyrics. Alternatively, we have a sound library of pre produced tracks for sale or even to lease.  Creating an instrumental from £40 p/h

mising and recordingMastering Services: Digital Audio mastering is a process of preparing the final mixed audio for duplication making it radio compatible; we recommend recordings are mastered if they for promotion or sale. We offer affordable mastering services at New Vibe providing your track with a radio quality sound.  £40 per song

Session singers, record labels, Session Singers / musicians: We have a number of talented session singers and session musicians who are available to support recordings. These are available to hire to support recording sessions at New Vibe, or for external studios (see our session vocalist page).  £45 per hour

Recording packages, gift experiences, kids singing lessonsGift / Experience packages: Very few people outside of the professional arena have the opportunity to record a high quality song. The experience of working in a professional environment like a pop-star would and walking away with a great sounding recording is an experience that rivals that of any red-letter day. It also provides you with something to demonstrate your talent and show your friends and family. Recording experiences are very popular for all ages for groups, families or individuals. We make sure your experience is both fun and memorable and make a fantastic and unique gift and/or experience for anyone who enjoys music.