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Jessica Richardson: is a Vocal development Expert, Professional Singer and Songwriter. Jessica has an endless passion and energy for singing, song-writing, performing and teaching; working with all levels from beginner to professionals she really does go the extra mile to help each and every client achieve their goals and dreams. Jessica has a reputation for exceeding goals with clients and achieving amazing results with their voices, often completely transforming not only their voices but also careers and lives.

About me: I have been singing ever since I was a small child and wrote my first song with vocals and guitar when I was 9 years old. I started gigging and performing professionally as a full time job in 2005 and have sang at over 750 shows.  I used to write songs purely for myself to record and perform but the last few years I have started song writing for others as well. At the moment I am spending a lot of time song writing for active performing artists and pitch my work to labels and TV/Film. I started training in voice in 2006 and run a successful vocal coaching business that I started in 2009. I enjoy passing on my knowledge about singing to my clients. I also have clients for whom I mix tracks for their shows and record, edit and mix their vocals for tracks. 

About singing lessons with me: I teach all levels from beginner to seasoned professional singers, ages 6 to 75.

Singing is physical as well as mental. Singing requires all of yourself, because the instrument is “You”. There-for as well as teaching the technical aspect of singing such as breath and voice placement, I also focus on helping my clients release self-confidence issues and barriers that may hold them back from achieving their full potential.

My knowledge and insight into the voice is extensive, and I would say goes beyond what the average coach teaches. My gift is to transform my clients’ voices to a degree that they themselves have never dreamed possible. Where there is potential, I will recognise it, draw it out and fully develop it. I always provide honest feedback about your voice. Some people come to me because they just want to sing for fun and want to have more knowledge about their voice so they can enjoy singing more freely. Others want to become professional singers and some are already professional singers and come to me for vocal maintenance or to take their voice to the next level. Whatever your reason is for taking singing lessons, it is my great pleasure to share my love of music and singing with you.

Lesson Approach: Every lesson is different, since every student is unique; in general, however, my teaching approach is focused around the following points.

1)    I will help you to get to know your voice and how it works technically, all of which will help you to sing at your best: freely and without injury. I will teach you vocal techniques and address any areas that your voice will need work on and provide things to work on between lessons.

2)    We will work on songs together and record them in my studio; you will get to keep the recordings. The recording process is so valuable as we can go through each take and discuss what exactly your voice was doing on each take, what parts were amazing and what parts need work. Being able to hear your voice back and analyse these aspects offers great insight and an opportunity to understand your voice better.

3)    We will discuss what goals you have and what you want to work towards, maybe you want to be a professional singer, compete in a talent show or just have more freedom to enjoy singing your favourite songs at home.

4)    The main styles I teach are Pop, Soul, RnB, Disco, Motown and Musical theatre.  However I am always open to trying different things with clients. Most Clients tend to prefer one or two styles of music, saying this I do encourage my Clients to try out different styles.

5)    Most importantly, I hope to help you to sing expressively, to apply all you learn about your voice and the wonderful gift of singing.  I want you to feel inspired and grow more confident using your voice and above all to sing from your heart and soul because that is where music is born.

The Studio: Singing lessons take place at my professional music studio which has a main studio, as well an acoustically treated recording room ( sound booth)  and a waiting room all of which is light modern and maintained to a high standard.  

What is covered within vocal training (depending on level & goals) 

  • Understanding how the voice works
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Releasing vocal strain and tightness
  • Improve voice texture and quality
  • Vocal dynamic
  • Overcoming vocal fatigue
  • Improve your speaking voice
  • Smooth out vocal breaks
  • Understanding different registers
  • Building confidence
  • Dealing with stage and audition nerves
  • Understanding, using and looking after the larynx & vocal chords
  • Breathing using the diaphragm / re-coil
  • Exercise CDs or session recordings to work on a home
  • Harmonies
  • Learning and recording songs
  • Gig coaching
  • Audition coaching
  • Mic techniques
  • Estill voice training
  • Traditional and modern voice training methods
  • Exploring different sounds within your voice
  • Voice rehabilitation
  • Natural remedies you can make yourself- that actually work
  • Song performance & establishing an emotional connection
  • The psychology of singing
  • Safe Belting techniques & twang exercises
  • Letting go and having fun
  • & MORE