Become a Vocal coach with The Master Voice Coaching Course

The Master Coaching Course

This course is designed for experienced singers who already have good technique and a sound base understanding of the voice and are passionate about becoming vocal coaches. It’s a very intense and in-depth course, with pass requirements.

The course currently takes place either on a 1-2-1 basis or for up to 3 people max. This is so that I can give each person the full attention they require. 

The course takes place at my professional studio in Essex. It lasts for around 8 -12 weeks and requires you to come to the studio 1 day a week for around 3 – 4 hours and occasionally additional days depending how well you are progressing with the course content and practical application. The course also requires you to do several hours study at home each week between sessions, so you can fully learn and absorb all the teachings offered, putting what you have learned into practise, so that it becomes second nature to you.

The Master Coaching Course incorporates in-depth teachings about the vocal mechanism itself as well as proven classical and modern voice techniques alongside those that I have developed myself over my years of experience working with all kinds of singers and vocal issues.

I believe that what sets this course apart from others is that you not only gain extensive knowledge of the voice and an abundance of voice training principles, but that The Master Coaching Course technically equips you to be a vocal coach of the highest standard, to conduct sessions efficiently, to work with many different types of clients and get the best out of each of them. I will teach you think about singing and the voice in a way you never have before. To connect with your own voice in a way you never have before and the techniques and approaches needed to truly help clients and students do the same.

Not all great singer make great singing teachers.  I want to ensure that people who part take and invest financially in this intensive high-level course are truly able to benefit and gain what they hope from it. For that reason, an initially assessment at my studio is required before committing to the Master Coaching Course.