More Info On Singing Lessons

Sessions take place in my modern, professional studio in Essex with full use of recording facilities and a recording sound-booth included. For parents bringing their children to sessions, there is also waiting area with underfloor heating and air-conditioning for your personal comfort. 

There is always more to learn and more to explore with the voice; even the best coaches and singers are continuously working on their vocal technique and voice development. Unlike a man-made musical instrument, the voice is is actually a living part of the human body and, just like anything else that you want to keep fit and healthy, regular training and maintenance is needed.

Lesson Approach: Every lesson is different, since every student is unique; in general, however, my teaching approach is focused around the following points.

1)    I will help you to get to know your voice and how it works technically, all of which will help you to sing at your best: freely and without any risk of strain. I will teach you specific vocal techniques and will address any issues that need work; I will provide exercises for you to do between lessons..

2)    We will work on songs together and record them in my studio; you will get to keep the recordings. The recording process is very valuable, since we can go through each take and discuss what exactly your voice was doing, what passages were great and what needs more attention. Being able to hear your voice and analyse these aspects offers great insight and an opportunity to understand the mechanism of your voice better.

3)    We will discuss what goals you have and what you want to work towards; maybe you want to be a professional singer, compete in a talent show, or just have more technical freedom to enjoy singing your favourite songs at home.

4)    The main styles I teach are Pop, Soul, RnB, Disco, Motown, Rock, Blues, Adult Contemporary, Indie and Jazz; however, I am always open to trying different things with clients. Usually most clients prefer one or two styles of music, but I do encourage them to experiment with different styles.

5)    Most importantly, I hope to help you to sing expressively, to apply all you learn about your voice and the wonderful gift of singing.  I want you to feel inspired, to grow more confident using your voice and, above all, to sing from your heart and from your soul – because that is where music is born.

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Covered in lessons on your singing journey with me

  • Understanding how the voice works
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Releasing vocal strain and tightness
  • Improve voice texture and quality
  • Voice/ Sound placement
  • Safe Belting techniques & twang exercises
  • Prevention and help with vocal fatigue
  • Improve your speaking voice
  • Smooth out vocal breaks
  • Understanding different registers
  • Building confidence
  • Dealing with stage and audition nerves
  • Understanding, using and looking after the larynx & vocal chords
  • Breathing using the diaphragm / re-coil
  • Exercises to work on at home
  • Harmonies work
  • Learning and recording songs
  • Gig coaching
  • Audition coaching
  • Mic techniques
  • Traditional and modern voice training methods
  • Exploring different sounds within your voice
  • Voice rehabilitation
  • Song performance & establishing an emotional connection
  • Overcoming psychological barriers when singing
  • Letting go and having fun and build confidence